The Gua Sha facial skincare Guide

The facial Gua Sha is a Chinese medical skincare using a very silky soft stone called Gua sha, it’s like a workout but for your face muscles.

Before digging into the benefits and how to use this skincare in this blog, First, let me tell you that this skincare or routine can be used by anyone anywhere as long as it’s daily and with Gua Sha stone and a moisturizer to see effective and long term results.

Benefits of Gua Sha

The Gua Sha stone helps to reduce the aging process, it helps with under eyes dark circles as well as improving circulation and makes skin plumper and smoother, makes the jawline and cheekbones more permanent, helps to treat saggy skin, and reduces breakouts and puffiness as well.

For me, I started using the Gua Sha technique 3 years ago when I’ve seen a celebrity night routine, and I’ve always been curious about its benefits and how to use the guide, so today I’m gonna take you on a journey of facial and relaxing massage steps. So let’s start :

  1. Cleanse hands.
  2. Cleanse the Gua Sha stone : well the thing is there is many shapes of Gua sha stones .

2. Cleanse Face

3. A serum or very hydrating cream or facial oil: to make the movement of the stone very slippery and not irritate the skin.

4. After applying the serum, you need to be relaxed and calm to relax muscles on your face and the process can be gentle on the skin.

5. for the movements, you can use the gun she stone as followed :

That’s it, you can use this skincare in the morning before makeup or at night before bed.

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