Are you going on a trip, on an adventure in an unknown country and it’s time for you to pack your bags or fill your backpack? Here are some tips for traveling light and leaving with peace of mind, without having to drag too many pounds behind you, or on your back.

  1. Why is it better to travel light ?
  2. Take only what you need to travel light
  3. The best strategy for choosing your clothes
  4. Swap your bulky items for lighter products
  5. Reduce the size of electronic equipment to travel light
  6. How do you store your suitcase ?

Why is it better to travel light ?

I think the answer is obvious, but I’m going to tell you a little bit about it anyway, just to convince the last travelers who don’t care about the weight and the bulk of their luggage.

Be aware that traveling light will give you a lot more freedom than having to drag a huge suitcase full to the brim, sometimes with one or two extra bags. Because the problem with luggage is that you will have to transport it, at least from the airport to your accommodation, and after several hours of flight, you don’t necessarily have the desire or the strength to pull his heavy luggage.

Also, having heavy and a lot of luggage, you will tend to limit travel and you will only stay in one or two cities because you will not necessarily have the courage to be roaming and change accommodation regularly.

Imagine yourself with a single backpack weighing a few kilos that you can carry on your shoulders for the duration of your trip: You wouldn’t want to travel any other way, to explore the country more? Less stressed in public transport with just one piece of luggage …

And for those who are not yet ready for a backpacking trip, know that you can still maximize the weight of your rolling suitcase. Choose a suitcase that is not too big (because the more room there is, the more you tend to fill it with unnecessary things) and light. In addition, by choosing a small suitcase that you can take with you to the cabin, you will not have to pay extra for checked baggage.

Take only what you need to travel light

The advice sounds simple like that, but the majority of travelers take things with them that are unnecessary when traveling, or that will only be used once or twice (if at all). Why ? Because we always tend to think “I’ll take this just in case”. But the list can quickly go on and on if you try to consider all the possible and imaginable options.

Think minimalism!

To travel light, take only what you REALLY NEED. Two or three pairs of pants, a few T-shirts, one or two sweaters, a coat taking up little space if necessary, a few underwear, two or three pairs of socks, and limit yourself to the practical shoes that will really serve you (such as sneakers). mat and hiking sandals (if needed).

But, please, leave this beautiful little pair of colorful ballerinas that you will only put on once and that may hurt your feet. You are going on a trip, not doing a fashion show, and you will have plenty of time to put them on at your home don’t worry.

Clothes can be washed when traveling!

Finally, just because you are away for a long time does not mean that you have to multiply your clothes. I don’t know if that’s a scoop for some, but it’s pretty easy to wash clothes when traveling. A solid soap in the backpack will allow you to wash your underwear or your T-shirts regularly.

And for clothes that are a little larger, you can leave them at the local laundromat. A service that exists almost everywhere and is extremely fast. Your jeans and sweater will be clean and dry in a short day.

The best strategy for choosing your clothes

If you are heading to the Caribbean it will be extremely easy to have super light luggage. A few T-shirts, two pairs of shorts, a couple of light dresses and a swimsuit should do the trick! On the other hand, if you are going to a destination where it may sometimes be a little cold and sometimes hot, you will have to organize your suitcase accordingly.

Don’t panic, there is a sure-fire method for this kind of situation: think layering!

You have to dress by superimposing the layers one by one. If it’s cold in the morning, you can put on a T-shirt + a vest + a scarf. And as soon as the temperature rises, all you have to do is remove the scarf and the vest to feel good (choose light materials that do not take up too much space in order to have the possibility of slipping the superfluous in your small backpack or your handbag during the day).

Also, consider opting for clothes that offer several functions. Leggings can be used underpants if it’s cold, or as pajamas or sports tights. A T-shirt should be suitable for use as a base layer if it is cold, or for use on its own if it is warmer. There are also some hiking pants that can convert to shorts when needed, convenient.

Also, think about imagining the outfits you will wear on-site and take clothes that match each other as much as possible. You will be able to “mix” your clothes without necessarily making a mistake of taste. In particular, choose tops that go well with your bottoms. And choose your favorite clothes, the ones you put on very regularly and in which you feel good, this is the best way not to have any regrets once on the road.

And don’t forget to leave some space for memories, you might even find clothes you like!

Swap your bulky items for lighter products

Some items needed while traveling are sometimes really bulky or heavy to carry. But know that there are always solutions to replace them with much more practical business and I will give you the main examples.

First, there is the issue of the towel. For certain “roots” trips, we tend to choose inexpensive accommodation (youth hostels or small guesthouses) that do not necessarily provide towels. Well, be aware that it will not necessarily be necessary to carry a heavy towel that will have a hard time drying. Just take a microfiber towel with you. It will take up very little space and will dry super quickly!

Hygiene products can also take up a lot of space. So do not hesitate to take small bottles that will take up very little space. If necessary, you can always buy back what you need on the road (bottles of shampoo are on sale in all countries, I can assure you). You can also favor solid products. For example, shampoo bars are easily found in many shops.

Books and travel guides are too heavy. If you want to travel light you will have to ban them and prefer a tablet or an electronic e-reader. If you don’t really read novels while traveling, prefer a tablet, which will also allow you to connect to the Internet, take notes, or even play.

Reduce the size of electronic equipment to travel light

High-tech products are multiplying. Between smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, Polaroids, selfie sticks, cameras, you quickly fill an entire suitcase!

It is important to understand that you are going on a trip and that this might not be the right time to spend hours on the web or to flood social networks with your photos. You have to try to make the most of the time spent in a foreign country by avoiding cluttering up your habits. Generally, a smartphone and a small tablet should be sufficient for the majority of small trips. If you are going for a longer period and you need your computer, you will have to opt for a light machine that takes up little space. A very small laptop computer of a few hundred dollars should do the trick when traveling (you will be less worried about damaging it or to make fly).

Regarding photographic equipment, it is depending on your case. Of course, if you’re a keen photographer, you’ll definitely want to bring your SLR and a lens or two. But be aware that there are some very good mirrorless cameras out there. Small, light, but also efficient, they will delight the majority of travelers.

How do you store your suitcase?

If you have a backpack, there is no easy way to organize your luggage. But be aware that it’s often best to place heavy items well in the middle of the bag to properly distribute the load on your back.

If you have a suitcase on wheels, there are several ways to maximize the space in your suitcase (but if you have the points mentioned above, your suitcase should not be completely full). Some travelers praise the technique of “rolled up” clothes. Personally, I have never found this technique to be very effective (except when going with a backpack) and I prefer to store my clothes perfectly flat on top of each other. But the storage technique often depends on the type of suitcase you have, as the interior configuration of the suitcase can change a lot … It’s up to you to find what works best for your luggage. Do some tests!

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